Battery Services

New Battery Installation & Repair

Needing a new battery installation or repair can become a headache for any driver, whether you own a hybrid or are leasing one. But rest assured that our client-oriented team is ready to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Repair & Maintenance

General Vehicle Repair & Maintenance

We can get your car repaired at an affordable price.

Although these cars are very reliable, problems do come up from time to time. We can scan and troubleshoot all codes and get you back on the road at less than you would expect to pay at other shops. Most issues are easily repaired and do not require much time out of your busy day. We understand that taking your car in for service can be frustrating and will work with your schedule to complete the repair. We do not charge to scan for codes.

Toyota Prius

Hybrid Leasing & Sales

We specialize in Hybrid vehicle leasing for the rideshare and delivery driver community, and the Toyota Prius is famous for its reliability and incredible efficiency. 45+ MPG is a common average under certain driving conditions and puts more money in your pocket at the end of the day. Our unique leasing option gives you more time to reach your personal goals while not having to worry about mantainence and service. Our vehicles come ready to work, with a hassle-free program that keeps you on track to success.