How much are battery replacement costs?
Battery replacement cost vary on the vehicle and shop providing the service. Typical cell replacement to fix hybrid codes run less than $1000 depending on the quality and warranty. New battery replacement can be over $3000 at dealers.
Do you look at service issues?
Although these cars are very reliable, problems do come up time to time. We can scan and trouble shoot all codes and get you back on the road at less than you would expect to pay at other shops.
Why chose SD Hybrids?
We specialize in all things Prius. We have years of experience buying, selling, trouble shooting and repair. Our specialty that sets us apart is our proprietary main hybrid battery repair service. We gaurantee our battery repair for a full year, 12,000 miles included. Your satisfaction is our goal and how we build our business is one customer at a time.
Do you work with non hybrids?
Yes we do. Although we do specialize in Prius models, we can help you with your non hybrid vehicles. Most cars need only basic maintanence to stay on the road and within our network of service providers, we can make sure you are covered. We also work on repair and restorations of older vehilcles and classics.