Car Brands

IAA 2013

Toyota Prius

What could feel better than driving one of the cleanest vehicles available in the U.S?

Propelled by both gasoline and electric power, these vehicles will ensure that your driving experience will be one to remember, regardless of your destination.

With a Toyota you can expect:

  • A smooth driving experience
  • Security
  • Peace of mind
  • State of the art fuel efficiency

Join the ever-expanding family of environmentally-conscious drivers with a Toyota Prius!

These vehicles, especially tailored for any needs, will take you from point A to point B with high reliability and comfort- leave the rest to us!

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Lexus LC 500 car on display at The 35th Thailand International M

Lexus Hybrids

Lexus cars are known as luxury vehicles which branched out from the Japanese automaker Toyota. These fuel-efficient vehicles have been designed for comfort, whether you’re interested in driving a Sedan, SUV, Coupé, or a hybrid.

When driving a Lexus, you’ll notice:

  • That your comfort will increase to luxurious levels
  • Greater peace of mind when it comes to eco-friendly solutions
  • Unparallelled fuel efficiency

A Lexus vehicle is also a vehicle for change, as this brand promises to take safety, convenience, and well-being to new and exciting heights.

Did you know? Their self-charging hybrids are designed to self-charge when you drive, slow down and break, offering both new and experienced drivers peace of mind while out on the road.

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